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John Grisham writes fiction novels, legal thrillers in the crime genre. Always an avid reader, Grisham has cited John Steinbeck as an influence and John le Carre as a favourite author.

John Grisham is a best selling author whose books, as of 2008, have sold over 250 million copies worldwide. Grisham writes at least one novel a year, and seven of his books, and bestselling novels reached no 1. His ingenious action plots are perfect for movies many of which are now available on dvd. Thirteen of his books have now been filmed.

Before becoming a fiction writer, John Grisham was a successful lawyer and politician. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Mississippi School of Law in 1981. During law school he switched from tax law to criminal and general civil litigation and upon graduation he entered a small-town general law practice. For nearly a decade in Southaven, he focused on criminal law and civil law. As a young attorney he spent much of his time in court proceedings representing a broad spectrum of clients.

Encouraged to start writing by his mother, he began to work on his first novel after witnessing the harrowing testimony of a 12-year-old rape victim in 1984, and it "explored what would have happened if the girl's father had murdered her assailants." A Time to Kill, finished in 1987, was initially rejected by many publishers but was eventually published in June 1989 by Wynwood Press. A Time to Kill was filmed in 1996 with Morgan Freeman and is shortly to hit Broadway.

John Grisham began work on his second novel, The Firm, the story of a young attorney fresh out of law school, enticed to join what appeared to be the perfect law firm, and forced to find an ingenious "out" from his contract when he discovers that it is not what it appeared." The Firm was filmed in 1993, with Tom Cruise & Gene Hackman.

Other movies that followed included The Pelican Brief (1993) with Sandra Bullock, The Client (1994) with Susan Sarandon and Runaway Jury (2003) with Demi Moore.

John Grisham
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Around 1991 Grisham took a hiatus from practising law to concentrate on writing but returned briefly in 1996 to represent the family of a railroad brakeman killed when he was pinned between two cars. He continues to hold his seat on the Board of Directors for the Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to exonerating the innocent through DNA testing after they have been convicted.

John Grishams  latest book, due out in May 2010, is for kids, and is called Theodore Boon - Kid Lawyer

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