William Coughlin Book List

Information online suggests that 16 books were written before Coughlin's  death in 1992 so I have a feeling this list is just slightly incomplete.

Charley Sloan Series

Shadow of a Doubt (1991)
Death Penalty (1992)

Posthumous Publication

The Judgment (1997)
The Court (1999)
Proof of Intent (2002) (with Walter Sorrells)


Dividend Was Death (1968)
The Destruction Committee (1971)
Grinding Mill (1973)
No More Dreams
The Widow Wondered Why
Day of Wrath (1980)
The Stalking Man (1981)
Twelve Apostles (1984)
Her Honor (1987)
Her Father's Daughter (1987)
In the Presence of Enemies (1990)
Heart of Justice (1994)

As Sean A. Key (pseudonym)

Cain's Chinese Adventure
The Mark of Cain

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