John Lescroart Book List

A list of books by  John Lescroart who writes legal and police thrillers or dramas. Most of his novels are in one series with the same main characters.

Sunburn (1981)

Auguste Lupa Series

In the Auguste Lupa series, the main character Lupa, is son of Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler and it is strongly hinted that he later becomes Nero Wolfe, although Wolfe is never mentioned by name.

Son of Holmes (1986)
Rasputin's Revenge (1987)

Legal Thriller Series

Lescroart's legal thrillers are based around San Francisco, beginning with Dead Irish. They center around ex-cop and lawyer, Dismas Hardy, and his best friend, officer Abe Glitsky. Though both characters are usually included in the novels, the books can be sorted and read in order of publication date or selectively by the main protagonist if the reader prefers.

Dismas Hardy, ex police and lawyer,

Dead Irish (1989)
The Vig (1990)
Hard Evidence (1993)
The 13th Juror (1994)
The Mercy Rule (1998)
Nothing But the Truth (1999)
The First Law (2003)
The Second Chair (2004)
The Motive (2004)
Betrayal (2007)
A Plague of Secrets (2009)

Abe Glitsky, police officer

A Certain Justice (1995)
Guilt (1996)
The Hearing (1999)
The Oath (2002)

Wyatt Hunt, private investigator

The Hunt Club (2005)
The Suspect (2007)
Treasure Hunt (2010)

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