Michael Connelly

Who writes like Michael Connelly?

The Black Echo, published in 1992 and partly based on a true crime, was the first of Michael Connelly's novels featuring his popular recurring character, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch. If you liked the police action see authors below who are similar, or see also Legal Thriller writers.

USA police thrillers
Legal thrillers

Best-selling author Michael Connelly, whose character-driven police thriller mysteries about Harry Bosch have earned him a huge fan base, now also dominates the elite field of legal thrillers. The first of his tightly paced  impossible-to-put-down novels about Harry's half brother, criminal defense lawyer Mickey Haller - The Lincoln Lawyer - whose office is the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car - has just been filmed .

A subsequent sequel to this, The Brass Verdict, brought together Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller for the first time. The Reversal, Michael Connelly's new book for 2010 also features Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch.

Michael Connelly Books

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John Sandford

Who writes like John Sandford?

In 1989 John Camp wrote Rules of Prey and the publisher asked Camp to provide a pseudonym so it was published under the pseudonym of  "John Sandford".

  • The Prey Series
  • The Kidd Series
  • Virgil Flowers Series

The Prey series proved very popular, with its charismatic police protagonist Lucas Davenport, and subsequently all sequels have been published under the "John Sandford" name. The following writers may appeal to people who enjoy John Sandford due to the USA police thriller theme.

Rules of Prey and some other novels in John Sandfords various thriller series have legal themes including attorneys and legal issues. So people may also like the following legal thriller writers.

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David Baldacci

Who writes like David Baldacci?

Better known as a political thriller writer, David Baldacci is often liked by people who read legal thrillers such as...

After attended law school at the University of Virginia, David Baldacci has worked as a trial lawyer and a corporate lawyer in Washington, D.C.

Although his novels are more political in nature, the legal knowledge he includes may appeal to people who like the legal genre, especially  in novels such as

Absolute Power

Total Control

The Simple Truth

Saving Faith

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William Coughlin

Who writes like William Coughlin?

The following fiction authors might be worth a look if you want to find an author who writes like William Coughlin books and you like the legal aspect of his novels.

William Coughlin was a judge in Detroit, he is an older era novelist who died in 1993. He wrote courtroom themed thrillers in the crime genre. His main character Charley Sloan is an attorney but only some of Coughlin books are part of this series.

Coughlin is a consummate storyteller who wrote skillful characterizations of both good and bad guys. He has a sensitive touch, giving his characters quiet insights in times of unanticipated tragedy.

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Stieg Larsson

Who Writes Like Stieg Larsson?

The following fiction authors might be worth a look if you want to find an author who writes like Stieg Larsson books and you like the action and political intrigue in his novels.

Although conceived as a series of 10 novels, Stieg Larsson only wrote three books. He died of a heart attack shortly after the Millennium trilogy was completed. The Millennium books are fast paced, very well written with memorable characters who are very unconventional and not especially ethical, but yet it seems just, in the plot resolution.

There are two main Swedish characters: Mikael Blomqvist, a publisher and left wing, investigative journalist and Lisbeth Salander, a computer hacker with attitude, a chip on her shoulder and a dragon tattoo.

About Stieg Larsson

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